Our Friends' Comments

  • "fantastic"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We had a bumper crop in, spite of the drought, our bicolor corn.
    We have to fence it in the backyard to keep the raccoons out. But, the corn was "fantastic"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We ate and ate and froze the kernels off the cob for winter.
    Can't wait to order the seeds next spring! Be sure we're on the list!!!

    Ralph & Jan
    Glenview, IL
  • enjoyed Mirai Sweet Corn every week!

    We have enjoyed your Mirai Sweet Corn every week this season. We looked forward to having your tent and counter set up in Arlington Heights and since the first week of Mirai we haven't missed a weekend.

    Havin come from a farm in northwestern Ohio, I know how you felt during this terrible dry summer. My father and I lost a lot of crops when there was no rain available to get the crops through the growing season. We hope for your sake that next year will be a good season to grow more Mirai corn. It is the best sweet corn in the world.

    Thanks for making it available this year and we hope you will have a whole lot more of it next year.

    Rolling Meadows, IL

    I found your corn at the Gurnee Farmers Market, and have been one of your most sincere suPporters. I have given this corn as gifts (that's how much I( think of it) as a house warming gift, a shower gift a 50th Aniversary gift as well as any time I can give a gift. I only insist that they tell me what they think of it after cooking. So far not ONE BAD WORD. Only those that ask where they can get it. So I printed a copy of all the Farmers Markets in that area and gave it out to all of them. They all agree - once they have tasted this corn NOTHING ELSE WILL DO. Keep up this wonderful work and toO bad Oct. comes so fast.

    Gurnee, IL
  • it was AWESOME!

    I got turned on to your corn when I heard about it on WGN radio. Had it last year at the end of the season, and it was good. I had it 3 weeks ago, raw, and it was AWESOME! I bought some for my family and a neighbor, and they said it was the best. I also bought a cantalope, which I used to hate, but now I love it. You grow fantastic crops. Hands down, GREAT!

    River Grove, IL
  • LOVED it!

    Hello - This week, I attended the IL State Fair, in Springfield. I had some of your corn and LOVED it! I enjoyed it so much that I brought home a dozen ears for my family! I'm telling everyone I know how good it is. I just wish it were available in the Springfield area. It's a 4 hour drive from where I live. I figure that's a little far to get a corn fix. LOL! It sure is good though. I've signed up for your newsletter so if it comes farther south, I'll be watching and waiting!

    Springfield, IL
  • White Corn Just picked in Smyrna, TN

    We purchased seed last year not knowing anything on when to plant. After purchase we found out it was too late to plant but your shop told us to store the seed in the refrigerator so we did. We pulled them from the butter section and fresh tilled the 8 ft by 16 ft mini back yard garden. We are in a high society neighboorhood with rules against gardens but we are country folk in the city so we made a small one. We did 3 rows with 2 ft between them and 8 inch bewteen each seed. One seed in each hole. Every single seed took flight soon after planting. 2 rows get full sun and one get 4 hours less sun due to house blocking evening sun. That row with less sun ended 2 ft shorter than the other rows. We called pro brother in law and he said if the tops were light brown or dark brown and dry to pick. We now decided to read your directions and know to keep count of days. After all of this rookie stunts we boiled some like we do with store frozen ones and WOW WE ARE SO PROUD OF OUR SLOPPY WORK. We saw the blog section is 2011 dated but wanted to rub in the good news and say down south we are eating away. We are 6 inch short on rainfall so we have been watering with hard limestone tap water every other night. NO BUG damage at all. We might even plant some next week and see what happens. Thanks for an awesome product.

    Smyrna, TN
  • Best corn ever

    We have eaten Mirai corn several times this summer, and have never been disappointed. We freeze quite a bit for winter and enjoy it year round. Best corn I've ever tasted, and I'm from Nebraska!

    Rockton IL
  • Best corn we've ever had...

    I bought a dozen ears at the Farmer's Market in Zion, IL yesterday. Took them home and my wife and I made 6 ears for lunch. They were so good I went back after work and bought more & we hade 6 more ears at supper. I have 6 ears left, and will be back next Thursday to buy more. It's the best corn we have ever had.

    Zion, IL
  • "Out of this World"

    I’m sure you hear this a lot but this corn is out of this world. We had a party last year and went through 7 dozen ears that's a lot of corn and my friends went back the next Sat for more. Thank you so much for this email and the corn and I keep passing the word.

    Orland Park, IL
  • Great Corn

    We have a plot in the Naperville community garden and 2011 was our first year growing your corn. The results were great. Every single kernel planted sprouted and it hurt to have to thin the seedlings! The first ears were picked in early August and we enjoyed fresh home grown sweet corn through mid September. Thanks for a terrific product. We're looking forward to some great corn again this year.

    Jim Duplex
    Naperville, IL
  • We could not stop eating them...

    Yesterday I had some of your corn on the cob for dinner. My wife purchased the corn from the Boone County Fair and it was in our refrigerator for over a week before we decided to have it with some Brats. There are several instances where I have had corn this good and this was one of them. The corn was so delicious we could not stop eating them. We each had two ears and wow were they satisfying.

    Poplar Grove, IL
  • This is the most exciting news...

    Thank you, Gary! THIS is the most exciting news I have heard in quite a while! I've been waiting since last winter for the Mirai corn -- fortunately, I purchased and froze several ears last fall, and they were as delicious and moist as buying fresh! I usually shop at the Highwood, Lake Bluff, or Glencoe markets. I can't wait!! Thank you for your email!

    Highland Park, IL
  • Mirai... ranks among the best fruit I've ever tasted...

    So many of the compliments I’ve read over the years for an array of products never rang true. They sounded like false testimonials. But those regarding your corn in Our Friends Comments have an amazing resonance, because I’ve had the pleasure of eating your Mirai corn, and I know the many remarks on Mirai's quality to be right on. Mirai corn ranks, along with nectarines and peaches, among the best fruit I’ve ever tasted…not just the best corn.

    I've even saved the many green nettings that contained your corn from last year, as if they were wondrous gift wraps, because of their association with such a scrumptious treat and present. Even your online days/hours Countdown To Corn has high significance for me. I noted the date on my calendar when your corn will be available in 2011. Because I don’t want to go without during this coming winter, I will be packing your corn in my freezer to its capacity.

    Highland Park, IL
  • Woah

    I first went to get some of your corn 4 years ago when I was visiting for a family reunion in Harvard. I kept rolling my eyes at relatives who insisted we HAD to go get some of your corn. Corn is corn! I said to them. WELL let me tell you I was an idiot, and I beg your forgiveness.

    As we stood in your road-side tent (me still rolling my eyes at my relatives who were buying CASES of corn) the nice girl at your check out table asked if I wanted to try and ear. RAW. I said what? get out. She smiled and said no, really, you'll see.

    I about hit the ground when I took a bite. I was stunned, rendered speechless, it was a Religious Corn experience. I bought a case, and I have shut up with my eye rolling.

    I have sent your corn to friends in Florida, Sweden, California and Australia. The precious few ears I was able to afford to send have put me on a constant email list "When will it be ready? When can you send more?" If I had a zillion dollars and 3 semi-trailer trucks I still couldn't buy all the corn these people now want.

    You have to taste it to beleive it. I count the days until I can drive down and buy more (I'll be there tomorrow!) You folks are to corn what Monet was to watercolors.

    Green Bay, WI
  • A Hoarder from Wisconsin...

    Every year at Labor day I purchase 6 dozen ears of corn for freezing. I take the corn as it is, husk and all, and put 4 ears into a gallon size freezer bag. The corn remains fresh all winter and through the next summer when I finally use them all up. There is no special preperation needed to use them when taken out of the freezer, I run warm water over the husk, pull it back, and use a clean vegetable scrub brush to gently brush the silk downward and off the corn before cooking.
    Hmmm, Hmmm, Good !!!!

    Beloit Wisconsin
  • Absolutely the best sweet corn...

    I grew up near the Sweet Corn Capital of the World, Hoopeston, Illinois. I worked for one of the canning companies during the summers in the late 60's to earn money for college. I ran a corn picker the last two years I worked there, so I've seen a lot of sweet corn in my life. We lived on sweet corn during the summer and I've tasted many varieties, but none compare to Mirai. I don't miss a weekend going to the farmer's market to pick up a dozen or more. For dinner tonight, I had one ear that was a week old and one ear that I picked up today. I could not tell the difference in the flavor of the two. Incredible!!

    Edward Hatfield
    Lisle, IL
  • Last year I drove in a torrential down-pour...

    From the time the snow stops flying until the leaves begin to fall, virtually EVERY DAY my significant other, Marcel, asks, "When are you going to get the MIRAI?" Marcel is French, and you can imagine the sound of MEE-RYE with a heavy French accent. Last year I drove in a torrential down-pour for over an hour to get as much Mirai as possible (some to eat and some to freeze for the winter months), not only to keep 'peace in the family', but because I love the taste of this sweet corn too!"


    Grand Rapids, MI
  • I can't wait to introduce more people to Mirai...

    It doesn’t take an imminent snow storm to make me think of your wonderful product, because I think about it all of the time and wonder why I didn't buy more this summer. (Although, my first time being at your Farm was Summer 2007 and I purchased 4 cases at that time, it wasn’t nearly enough.) I take great joy in giving and it was so easy to share the corn with my neighbors, friends and family. Thank you for taking such great care in the production of your Mirai corn.

    Looking at your website, I notice that you will have corn available much closer to my home in Homer Glen, IL. It will be so easy to get to St. Charles, Wheaton, or Lombard and my question is: Do you usually bring a great quantity with you or do I have to order what I want?

    I can't wait to introduce more people to Mirai from Twin Garden Farms and give more to those who remember last summer the way I did --- eating corn every day!

    Thank you!

    Homer Glen, IL
  • I actually had a dream about Mirai corn...

    I actually had a dream about Mirai corn and took a ride past the farm a couple of weeks ago! I have moved from Chicago to Woodstock. People think it's because of my job relocating, but it's actually because now I'm closer to Harvard.

    I have probably been one of your "greatest" advertisers. On the last day last year, you gave me a key chain which I use. Whenever anybody sees this bright yellow corn fob and asks me, I go into a whole litany of how wonderful Mirai corn is. Sometimes I don’t wait for them to ask!

    Woodstock, IL
  • The (shipped) corn arrived the other day...

    The (shipped) corn arrived the other day, safe and sound. It’s unbelievable; I have been enjoying it daily, an ear at a time, following the microwave directions, and not bothering with any butter or salt... the best place to eat it, though, is on the backyard swing — because the darned stuff is so juicy it sprays all over the kitchen table! I can't thank you enough for giving me this early opportunity to enjoy the best corn of summer.

    A friend and I plan on an August road trip to your farm stand… It’s a hike, but we had such a good time doing it last year before the school year begins (we’re both teachers) that we're going to do it again. We'll see if we can get some corn orders ahead of time, too, and perhaps load the trunk! At very least, I'm getting some to gorge on, as well as to freeze some, too.

    Thanks ever so much — you’ve been the customer service king!

    Minooka, IL
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