Twin Garden Farms Roadside Market

Our Roadside Market in Harvard is NOW OPEN!

Twin Garden Farms near Harvard, IL - selling fresh Mirai sweet corn

People travel from all over the region just to get our deliciously sweet Mirai® corn.

Would you drive 8 hours each way for the world's tastiest sweet corn? Some of our customers have. They've traveled from nearby Midwestern/Great Lakes region states just to get Mirai sweet corn at our farm stand. Other customers come to Harvard, Illinois by commuter train, and some actually fly in, landing at a nearby Dacy Airport.

Our customers come back again and again (sometimes on the same day!). Many of them plan parties, get-togethers, and special events during our harvest season just so they can be sure to have Mirai sweet corn on hand to wow their guests.

Located in the countryside of McHenry County, on the edges of Harvard Illinois, the Twin Garden Farms Roadside Market is open from approximately the third week in July until the end of sweet corn, which is normally the end of September. We offer honey, in-season vegetables, and — during harvest season — Mirai® sweet corn. Sweet corn is available in mid-July, depending on weather; check our Countdown To Corn in the upper right section of this website for estimated availability. Currently, the estimated date of availability is July 20th.

Twin Garden Farms

23017 Route 173
Harvard, IL 60033

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During the season we're open seven days a week, including Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Twin Garden Farms is a family-owned farm. We're the home of Mirai sweet corn, renowned worldwide for its remarkable sweetness — so good you can eat it without even cooking it. Don't believe it? Just try it!


Grow Mirai corn

Grow it... for those of you who love to garden, Mirai sweet corn is always available from our Online Store

Mirai Sweet Corn seed available at Twin Garden Farms
Buy Mirai corn

Buy it... fresh Mirai sweet corn is available at our farm stand and over 70 Illinois farmer's markets. During mid-summer and autumn harvest season, fresh sweet corn can be purchased from our Online Store

Buy it... During the harvest season, fresh Mirai sweet corn is available at our farm stand and over 70 farmer's markets (see "Countdown to Corn" on the upper right of this page for the estimated harvest date).

Photo image night lights available at Twin Garden Farms

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Cook Mirai corn

Cook it... we've collected a variety of mouth-watering recipes for Mirai sweet corn, tried and tested by cooks all over America. More help with Cooking Mirai Sweet Corn.

Twin Garden Farms recipe book available now