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About Twin Garden Farms

How is “Mirai” pronounced?

Say “mee-rye.”

Is Mirai a Japanese corn?

Our corn is an American product, but learn more about the Japanese relationship in our video What Do Harvard Illinois and Japan Have in Common?

Is Twin Garden Farms a family-owned business?

Yes. George and Ruth Ahrens founded Twin Garden Farms in Harvard, IL in 1954. The farm is currently managed by 3rd and 4th generation family members and the focus remains, as it was on day one, on QUALITY!

What days are you open, and what are your hours of business?

During corn season, which begins approximately July 20 (check Countdown To Corn upper right on this website), we are open seven days a week, including Saturday and Sunday, from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Where was Mirai sweet corn developed?

Our current hybrid, TGF Mirai®, was developed at Twin Garden Farms with sweet corn breeder Dr. J. David Mackenzie, and is in our opinion the finest quality hybrid of sweet corn available in the world.

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Will corn be ready for Memorial Day or the 4th of July?

No, our projected harvest is around July 20.

Where can I buy Mirai sweet corn?

Our farm stand is located at:
Twin Garden Farms Roadside Market • 23017 W IL Rt 173 • Harvard IL 60033 • (815) 943-7448
(Located 1.5 miles west of the intersection of IL Rt 14 and IL Rt 173W in Harvard.) See Google Maps

Our Roadside Stand in Harvard is now equipped to take credit cards; we are happy to accept cash and your personal checks also. 

Mirai can also be purchased at:
Our Online Fresh Corn Store
Farmer’s Markets

What else do you sell at your roadside stand?

In season watermelon, cantaloupe, tomatoes, and many, many other quality Twin Garden Farms grown vegetables.

Can I buy less than a dozen?

Yes, you can buy in quantities of 1/2 dozen (6 ears per package).

Do you guarantee your product?

Yes! Twin Garden Farms takes pride in bringing you the best sweet corn available.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Is Mirai sweet corn genetically modified (GMO)

Absolutely not! TGF -Mirai Sweet corn is a hybrid.

How long is your season?

Approximately July 20 through October 1, depending on the growing season. Check this site for harvest information.

How much does fresh Mirai sweet corn cost?

At the farm in Harvard, it is $3.50 per half-dozen bag, or $7 per dozen. If you would like a box of 4 dozen (48 ears), the price is $26.

At the farmer’s markets, the prices are $4 per half-dozen bag, or $8 per dozen.

We went to a farmer’s market and you weren’t there…

There is always a possibility that our location at the market has been moved.

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Can I dry ears of Mirai sweet corn and plant the seeds?

No, this is a hybrid. But we sell packaged Mirai seeds at our Online Store.

How large is a mature ear of TGF Mirai Sweet Corn?

On average the ear is between 7 and 8 inches long and has 16 rows of kernals

How early can I plant TGF-Mirai Sweet Corn?

Plant TGF-Mirai Sweet Corn seed in a well prepared seedbed when the soil temperature is above 55 degrees and there is no danger of frost.

How do I grow TGF- Mirai Sweet Corn seed?

Corn seed, available at our Online Store, can be planted following instructions on our Grow Your Own Mirai Sweet Corn page.

Can I plant TGF-Mirai Sweet corn near other sweet corn varieties?

Isolate TGF-Mirai from other corn varieties to prevent cross-pollination which can change the sweetness and quality of the harvested ears.

How many days from planting to maturity?

On average 71 days depending on weather and soil conditions. When silk appears on the ear, it will be approximately 21-24 days until maturity which is key to the maximum sweetness.


Can I come by train?

Yes. Check out the Metra Northwest line to Harvard. We can meet you at the train. Visit downtown Harvard while you wait for the next train home. Check out the Harvard Chamber of Commerce website for things to do.

Can we have a fundraiser using Mirai sweet corn?

Sure, call us, we’re happy to help.

Do you have an airport nearby?

Yes we do. Dacy Airport is approximately 1.5 miles from Twin Garden Farms.

How is the sweet corn packaged?

Our corn is sold six ears in a green mesh bag with Twin Garden Farms label.

How long will Mirai sweet corn keep?

Mirai will last 7 to 10 days in the refrigerator with the husks left on.

Is it really okay to eat the corn raw?

Absolutely — it’s delicious!

Do you have bi-color sweet corn?

We can’t guarantee that both yellow and bicolor sweet corn will be available every day. One day we have yellow, another day we have bicolor, and some days we have both. Most customers love both, but you may gladly call ahead to check.

How do I prepare Mirai sweet corn?

Remove husks and silk. Place the ears in enough boiling water to completely cover them, and boil for 2-1/2 to 3 minutes — avoid overcooking.

Remove husks and silk and rinse with water. Lightly wrap or cover ears with damp paper towels or napkins, and cook at full power for 2 minutes per ear. To ensure that the corn is evenly cooked, turn it once halfway through the cooking cycle.

Grilling (it’s delicious!)
For grilling, keep the husks on the ears of corn, but remove exposed silk and any long “flag leaves” that may be attached to the ears. Soak the ears in cold water for one hour — this allows the corn to steam on the grill for excellent flavor. After soaking, place the ears on a hot grill (don’t stack them). While cooking, rotate the ears 1/4 turn often, until husks are blackened and kernels have turned darker yellow.

Remove husk and silk. Blanch corn by placing ears in boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove the corn from the pot, cut kernels from cob. Package the corn immediately in freezer bags, and place in freezer.

More cooking ideas…
Make sure you check out our Recipes page

We’re having a party; can we reserve a certain amount of Mirai sweet corn for a special occasion?

Yes, by communicating with our farmer’s marketer, or with our farm office. See our Contact Us page for contact information.

How is “Mirai” pronounced?

Say “mee-rye.”


Grow Mirai corn

Grow it... for those of you who love to garden, Mirai sweet corn is always available from our Online Store

Mirai Sweet Corn seed available at Twin Garden Farms
Buy Mirai corn

Buy it... fresh Mirai sweet corn is available at our farm stand and over 40 Illinois farmer's markets

Buy it... During the harvest season, fresh Mirai sweet corn is available at our farm stand and over 40 farmer's markets (see "Countdown to Corn" on the upper right of this page for the estimated harvest date).

See the Growing Magazine article about TGF

Cook Mirai corn

Cook it... we've collected a variety of mouth-watering recipes for Mirai sweet corn, tried and tested by cooks all over America. More help with Cooking Mirai Sweet Corn.

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