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TGF- Mirai sweet corn is a hybrid that has changed the meaning of sweet corn. Deemed the sweetest, most tender, and flavorful corn available by customers worldwide, TGF-Mirai sweet corn was developed right here in Harvard, Illinois, USA.

In 1954, George and Ruth Ahrens (Grandpa & Grandma) settled in Harvard after moving here from Des Plaines, IL. We’re proud to say that the third generation is following their successful path of quality sweet corn and fresh vegetables. To us, we’re more than just a farm. We are passionate about what we do. From developing and growing sweet corn seed to harvesting fresh sweet corn and vegetables, we take genuine care in providing it all for you. Come visit us at Twin Gardens in Harvard or at over 40 farmers’  markets throughout the Chicagoland area. To enhance your TGF-Mirai experience we now have web pages for sweet corn recipes , sweet corn facts, and sweet corn storage techniques. We delight in sharing with you ways to enjoy TGF-Mirai fresh from our field.

Grow Mirai corn

Grow it... for those of you who love to garden, Mirai sweet corn is always available from our Online Store

Mirai Sweet Corn seed available at Twin Garden Farms
Buy Mirai corn

Buy it... fresh Mirai sweet corn is available at our farm stand and over 40 Illinois farmer's markets

Buy it... During the harvest season, fresh Mirai sweet corn is available at our farm stand and over 40 farmer's markets (see "Countdown to Corn" on the upper right of this page for the estimated harvest date).

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Cook Mirai corn

Cook it... we've collected a variety of mouth-watering recipes for Mirai sweet corn, tried and tested by cooks all over America. More help with Cooking Mirai Sweet Corn.

Twin Garden Farms recipe book available now